Supporting International Day for Street Children

Proud to have played our part again this year in the International Day for Street Children.

Launched in 2011, the International Day for Street Children is celebrated by street children, NGOs, policymakers, celebrities, corporates and individuals across the globe. Estimates of the number of street children around the world runs into tens of millions.

We have been working with the Consortium for Street Children since early 2012 when we developed to be the focal point for each year’s event which takes place annually on 12 April.

The 2012 website was launched to help raise awareness of the day and provide helpful resources to organisations running their own events. Users were able to add their voice to the campaign by signing an online pledge, an initiative which attracted more than 8,000 signatures worldwide. CSC then took those signatures to a meeting with the United Nations. Event organisers could also submit details of any events they were staging. 

In 2017, the website introduced a social wall to highlight the conversation going on around the international day, plus a pledge widget which enabled users to create their own pledge or select one from a range of pre-populated versions. Users were then able to share on their social media platforms.

Rori Raquib, CSC's communications manager, said: “Thank you for building us such a good site which looks great and works really well."