Rockstar produces film with AMD

Our sister company Rockstar Films has delivered an in-depth film for graphics and technology company Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD).

AMD is an American multinational semiconductor business that develops computer processors and related technologies for both businesses and consumers.

AMD approached Rockstar to create a feature that would not only promote their unique technology, but discuss how this remains a reliable backbone within the fast-paced and highly-competitive field of filmmaking.

The film features Rockstar Executive Creative Director Eugene Riecansky, Creative Director Mark Shields and Head of Sound David Escott discussing 20 years of Rockstar.

Everything we do always has to be done really quickly. Therefore having a tech partner like AMD allows us to produce fantastic work in a very short amount of time." Eugene Riecansky, Executive Creative Director

Rockstar fulfilled the brief by showcasing AMD's eclectic show-reel and client portfolio alongside edits from ‘fly on the wall’ team discussions, expertly portraying the pressures of the industry and therefore the crucial value of the company's technology.

Read the Rockstar case study on the AMD website.