Enhancing the digital experience for the world's largest FX settlement business

Launched in 2002, CLS Group is the world's largest multi-currency cash settlement system for foreign exchange trades, settling between $4.5-$5 trillion every day.

CLS operates from offices in London, New York and Tokyo and settles across 17 currencies globally.

Brandex was initially appointed in 2012 to develop the CLS brand and design a new concept for the look and feel of its imagery.

quote I have worked with Brand Experience over the past six years. They have provided me with branding expertise and delivered across digital, direct, brochureware and exhibition materials. I use them because of their creativity and their focus on delivery."
Head of Communications

The concept uses clocks from around the world, reflecting the importance of time zones to CLS and focuses on the speed with which transactions are settled. We researched the world's most innovative clocks throughout history and used the salient values of those clocks to reflect the key characteristics of CLS as a business.

As part of the brand development programme, Brandex developed a number of digital assets for the concept that could be used on the CLS website, at conferences and exhibitions and presentations.

Animation bought the concepts to life and reflected the dynamic and innovative nature of the business.


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