Happy work-iversary Rosy!

Rosy Dive, Client Services Director, celebrates ten years of working at Brand Experience on 21 May this year.

Rosy joined us as a Client Services Executive in 2012 when she was a mere 20 years old and was a great asset to the team from the start. She progressed quickly to Client Services Manager – she’s a classic example of someone working her way up through the ranks and is now Client Services Director.

Her background was in event management, which gave her a good grounding in coping with the unexpected and reacting quickly to situations, plus something she’s been able to directly put to good use at Brand Experience on occasions, taking her to The Guildhall and Barcelona.

She’s conscientious, efficient, a fast learner, tech-savvy, has great attention to detail and an eye for design, empathetic, considerate of clients and supportive of her team, and is great fun to work with too. She instinctively ‘gets’ people and she understands great customer service.

It’s difficult to do Rosy justice in a few words, but she’s the best and we quite simply don’t know what we’d do without her!

Here’s to Rosy 🥂