A lifeline for Scotland’s wildlife

Working with RSPB Scotland to create a sub-brand for a new patron scheme initiative

There is no denying that Scotland’s landscapes and the wildlife that live in them are special and provide some of the greatest wild spectacles in the world, featuring on many a bucket list. But we also know that they are at threat.

Some species are already on the Red List for endangered species and others could be swift to follow unless something is done about it.

Every supporter of the RSPB is doing their bit, but some wish to do more and RSPB Scotland has taken steps to engage with those that would like to make an ongoing financial commitment to protecting Scotland’s wildlife on an annual basis.

Brandex was asked to create an RSPB sub-brand for a new patron scheme initiative set up by RSPB Scotland. The job consisted not only of a new identity, but the application of this to a webpage, email, invitation, brochure, newsletter and event materials.

We worked closely with both the RSPB Scotland and RSPB UK Headquarters teams to develop a suite of materials that met the complex brief without jeopardising the integrity of the established RSPB brand. 

We have continued to produce the newsletter and are delighted to hear of the success of the initiative which is making great strides towards safeguarding nature’s future.    


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