CVS Group

Building websites for leading veterinary company

We have been working with leading veterinary company CVS Group since 2017.

Our latest digital project has seen us creating websites for some of their key business divisions.

These divisions had not previously had websites to communicate the strengths of the fast-growing sections of the company.

We were asked to create a new visual approach which would bring a new CVS house style for the divisions and then build the websites.

The first project to go live was for CVS Equine, which provides industry leading equine veterinary services to patients and clients in over 50 sites across the UK, Netherlands, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

Following the successful launch of CVS Equine we completed the project for CVS Referrals, which is home to some of the largest and most advanced specialist veterinary referral centres in the country.

The CVS Referrals network currently comprises eight referral centres, with further growth planned during 2020-21.  

CVS Group plc is one of the leading veterinary services providers in the UK and owns over 500 veterinary surgeries throughout the UK, Netherlands and Republic of Ireland. It also employs more than 1500 vets and more than 2000 nurses. In the UK it comprises four main business areas; veterinary practices, diagnostic laboratories, pet crematoria and an e-commerce division.

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