Relationship with UK’s biggest nature conservation charity flourishes

Brandex's relationship with the UK’s biggest nature conservation charity, the RSPB, is continuing to flourish.

Originally founded in 1889 to combat the use of exotic bird plumes in ladies hats, the organisation has grown to become an international leader in the field of landscape-scale conservation, with activities throughout the UK and beyond and a membership of over a million.

The charity has 200 nature reserves throughout the UK, covering almost 130,000 hectares and providing homes for 80% of our most threatened species.

Brandex continues to deliver a range of successful communications across all of the RSPB’s national activities, from advocacy leaflets, reserve trail guides, signage and interpretation to large-scale scientific reports, campaign infographics and government green papers.


We pride ourselves on working as an extension of the RSPB internal Creative Services team and enjoy the close client relationships this affords.

Ever since the RSPB’s strategic rebrand at the start of 2013 we have been participating in a trial that enables regional offices to work directly with creative agencies to deliver their local communication campaigns.

This trial came to an end in summer 2014 and has been deemed a great success with Brandex not only continuing to work with the regional teams from the original trial, but being given additional teams to work with into the future.

Infographic showing Scotland's declining seabirds population

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